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Jackson Livestock Auction

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Saturday Sale Results

Sale Date: May 4, 2019
 Notice: We will no longer accept horses on the Saturday sale. Due to lack of numbers, having a veterinarian on call to do the coggins test, it is no longer viable to sell horses. All other aspects of the sale will continue as normal. Also a reminder that small animals need to be here by 8:45. If you are in line at that time we will process your items. If you are here after the posted start time of 9:00 we will if need be turn away items in order to start the sale. Miscellaneous items can be dropped on Friday 7 a.m-7 p.m. If you have a large amount of miscellaneous it is highly suggested you come on Friday.

Small Animals: 
*Sold by the head*
 YTD Total Small animals: 

YTD:                 Chickens: 555
YTD:                 Rabbits:  77
                           Ducks: 71                        
                           Turkeys: 30                    
                            Pigeons: 15
                            Guinea Pigs: 25
                            Peacocks: 2 
                            Goats: 13

$ 1.00-15.00


Hay, Straw & Firewood
*Sold by the bale/pile*

                                                Grass Hay: 3.00-5.75
                                                Alfalfa Hay: 5.00-6.00    
                                                Straw:                                                                                                                                                  Firewood: 
                                                Grass Hay round bales: 62.50
                                                Grass Large Squares: 70.00 

Produce and Flowers

 Tomatoes $4.50-11.00/ flat
 Rhubarb $3.50- 3pack
 Rhubarb $2.00-4.00 small pot
 Asparagus: 2.00-2.50 3pack
 Asparagus: 7.50-9.50 flat
 Peas: 8.00 flat
 Cucumbers: 4.00-8.50 flat
 Okra: 10.00 flat
 sweet corn: 7.00 flat
 Bush beans: 5.00 flat
 Beats: 10.50 flat
 Zucchini: 11.00 flat
 Squash: 6.50 flat
 cabbage: 7.50-9.00 flat
 Peppers: 9.00-16.50 flat
 cauliflower: 11.50 flat
 watermelon: 4.00-5.00 flat
 musk melon: 3.50-5.00 flat                                         
Flowers: 10.00-13.00 flat
Geraniums: 1.50-4.00 flat
Hanging Baskets: 10.00-27.00
wooden baskets w/ flowers: 21.00-43.00 
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